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Outstanding Bugs in 12.1

Bug No. Date Description of Bug
8373 2012-04-19 GotFocus Events on Input in a Form not fired if previously have clicked on an editor window
8064 2012-02-01 64 bit only: ⎕WG generates syserror 999 if it is passed a heterogeneous array with first element a valid property name
7482 2011-07-29 If the dll or exe that you're trying to export already exists and is running, you get a misleading "Could not copy..." message.
7218 2011-04-19 When creating multiple tabbed subforms the contents of the top subform are initially not displayed
7117 2011-03-29 A standalone runtime executable can exit upon an untrapped APL error without creating the expected CONTINUE workspace.
7095 2011-03-23 While editing with the ∇ editor, you can get a Syserror 64 if you go into the GUI editor and fix an object.
6997 2011-03-07 With a Grid which has a numeric edit input field, you cannot see what you type after typing Ctrl+Shift+arrow key.
6977 2011-02-28 Unicode: 3rd element of message from Keypress event on Dyalog special keystrokes is empty
6871 2011-02-10 The background of radio-style buttons with the picture property turns white when selected.
6814 2011-02-01 Various errors in supplied colour schemes
6734 2011-01-19 Unicode: Screen update when scrolling beyond bottom of first screen of data in ⎕sm is wrong
6727 2011-01-18 When a collapsed section is selected, clicking on "Comment" only comments out the first line of the section
6723 2011-01-18 Editor: having selected most of a very long line (149000 chars), deleting the selection takes a long time to complete
6683 2011-01-12 Numbers of the form 1e1 and 1j1 are not correctly handled when identifying CurObj, or starting the editor or tracer etc
6649 2010-12-27 dfn names are shadowed even if the assignment fails
6307 2010-08-17 TabBtn, TabControl, and TabButton objects always report their TabObj property as a namespace reference.
6229 2010-07-23 (Keepbits 1) is ignored when using an icon with 24bpp rather than 8bpp or lower
6103 2010-06-10 Resizing a complex Form will result in excessive flickering
6091 2010-06-04 The result of querying the callback on a NetControl event is always 0
6090 2010-06-04 dfns cannot be used as callbacks to NetControl objects
5957 2010-04-16 Editor: assigning to a variable which is currently being edited can lead to syserror if insufficient workspace to hold variable
5931 2010-04-12 .Net interface does not distinguish between interfaces or object refs when the passed value is an instance of both
5899 2010-04-06 GetCellRect returns cell width that is one too small
5819 2010-03-11 Changing traced fn in class from trad fn to dfn and then tracing out of fn results in parent class becoming ineditable
5817 2010-03-11 Cursor incorrectly positioned in debug window when resuming tracing of class script
5733 2010-02-18 Autocomplete does not work when using ⎕exception
5725 2010-02-17 When attempting to edit a shadowed name from within tracer, no indication of why that action has failed is shown
5699 2010-02-09 →⎕lc after attempting to resume all thread from debugger when dfn strong interrupted causes spurious SYNTAX ERROR
5681 2010-02-07 User command "]display ⍵" should display the argument of a suspended dfn.
5675 2010-02-04 Resizing form causes PictureBox Netcontrol image to move or disappear
5629 2010-01-20 In function definitions, →Label appears in the same colour as global variables.
5396 2009-11-20 It is not possible to turn off Session syntax colouring in 12.1 as the checkbox to do so does not work.
5344 2009-11-06 Tracing into an enqueued callback can result in tracer disappearing and eventual syserror 4
5048 2009-08-26 When editing class from workspace explorer the File menu does not include Fix/Abort once the class has been altered
5021 2009-08-17 Editor unable to edit function in class currently at top of stack, but can if you edit it from calling function
5016 2009-08-17 With "confirm before overwrite" selected in Keyboard shortcuts, should not be asked if there's nothing already defined
5015 2009-08-17 With "confirm before overwrite" selected in Keyboard shortcuts, if you respond "No" to an overwrite, you're asked a second time
5008 2009-08-17 Editor: Copy and paste of collapsed control structure only copies first line
5005 2009-08-14 Editor: double click (not shift enter) on ref to Dfn in class; cursor in correct location, but random line highlighted
4381 2009-01-27 The RM key only works from trace windows, it should also work from the session.