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Bug Fixes to 11.0

Bug No. Date Description of Bug
7069 2011-03-17 If you use the keyboard to select all the cells in a grid, the border looks different to the one you get if you use a mouse.
7030 2011-03-17 Hitting delete after using Shift+Space to select the last row in a read-only Grid results in a Syserror 999.
7021 2011-03-11 A WSFULL occuring during a call on ⎕dm could corrupt the function referenced by ⎕dm
6987 2011-03-11 Conversion of Dfn defined in descalculator mode from 32 bit to64 bit can sometimes (rarely) fail
6860 2011-02-08 ≡ with ⎕ct←0: in certain circumstances floating point numbers negative zero and positive zero are not considered to be the same
6462 2010-10-18 Single line dfns that produce an error can cause a Syserror 999. This bug was introduced by the fix to bug 006374.
6374 2010-09-21 An error in an unnamed D-fn inside a named D-fn inside a trad fn with more than 255 symbols could lead to a syserror 999.
6369 2010-12-20 The fix for 006248 removed the formatting of a grid cell even if you just wanted to move around the grid.
6355 2010-09-06 If a Grid is in InputMode InCell, clicking or selecting text within the current input cell changed the InputMode to Scroll.
6327 2010-09-27 After dragging the thumb of a trackbar, a syserror 999 could be generated if a workspace compaction occurred.
6248 2010-09-06 In the Grid, deletion can erase the wrong character if the edit input field has a FormatString with a C qualifier.
6201 2010-07-14 Pasting into numeric edit fields with the insert position at the leftmost end of the text can cause Dyalog to disappear.
6161 2010-07-05 In the Create bound file dialog, a copy to clipboard when editing Version information will lead to a syserror 4.
6074 2010-07-06 Trapping past an outward operator call from within a dfn could generate a syserror 999.
6027 2010-07-19 A NONCE ERROR is generated taking the depth of an empty vector of namespace references (made using drop).
6006 2010-05-28 Pocket Dyalog TCPSockets did not work.
5953 2010-06-14 With multiple forms, a Pocket APL program could pause until you interacted with the Start menu or the input panel.
5942 2010-04-20 'E15.3' ⎕fmt ,0 returns incorrect result
5865 2010-04-29 Pocket Dyalog 11.0 fails to create a bound executable.
5814 2010-04-15 On 64bit, giving ⎕SM a scrollable field at the top left corner and setting its home elements to 1 2 causes APL to terminate.
5712 2010-04-15 An assignment inside a Dfn is non-local if it is followed by a namespace reference: {(var←⍵).⎕io}#
5676 2010-03-04 Under certain circumstances involving self-referencing objects, using Search box causes APL to hang
5673 2010-02-19 Creating a form on an existing namespace that contains a reference to itself causes APL to hang.
5659 2010-04-21 There are small memory leaks when running an APL .Net server from ASP.Net
5648 2010-02-01 Rowtitles in Grids have a dead-spot in which mouse-clicks are ignored.
5610 2010-02-09 Deleting an object using Workspace Explorer generates syserror (introduced 2010-01-05)
5606 2010-01-15 ⎕sm does not honour triple separators when type 6/6x, 8/8x selected in column 6
5516 2010-03-24 If you use an undocked Editor, double-cllicking on a name in the session while a Value Tip is up can result in a syserror.
5440 2009-11-30 Execute of sink idiom (a←⍎'+{}0') handled incorrectly.
5340 2009-11-20 Selection of lines in instance of function in trace stack are replicated in other instances of that fn further up the stack
5315 2010-04-21 ⎕EX within a ⎕TRAP expression could lead to a crash.
5292 2009-11-11 A Dfn applied under each could occasionally generate SYNTAX ERROR in a multi-threaded environment.
5249 2010-11-24 Power (⍺*⍵) underflow can corrupt subsequent results.
5247 2010-03-04 You can get a syserror if Windows has not completely installed a new font that you are trying to use.
5219 2009-10-27 The keystokes SHIFT+Space and CTRL+Space should not select rows or columns in the grid if the grid is in "InCell" mode.
5200 2009-10-07 The GUI SM object does not show any text. This bug was introduced by the fix to bug 004939 on 20 August 2009.
5198 2009-10-12 The fix for bug 000668 (old id 10595) had not been put into 11 and 12.0. The bug was a syserror upon ⎕EX of certain OleClients.
5178 2009-10-01 If the last created object was an instance of an OCXClass and the next ⎕WC has a nested Type property, Dyalog can syserror 124.
5167 2009-10-27 (⎕dr(2*31)-1) returned 645 instead of 323.
4980 2010-04-26 If one of two Dyalog processes on Citrix or a remote desktop is closed, the clipboard can stop working.
4941 2010-04-16 Repeatedly opening context menu on docked edit window can result in truncated menu. Selecting close will then result in syserr
4939 2010-04-16 After resizing the ⎕sm window to a very large size, recreating it could lead to a syserror 98.
4934 2010-04-16 ⎕sm input is (incorrectly) altered when leaving field. This bug was introduced by the fix for bug 4788.
4859 2009-10-27 Primitive function pick (⊃) failed with DOMAIN ERROR if its right argument was a ref.
4825 2009-10-27 Modified assignment of a space-referenced variable, from within an instance of a class, could corrupt system variables.
4809 2009-10-27 ∆mput does not support 64-bit APL variables
4788 2009-10-22 ⎕SM does not show trailing zeroes after the decimal point in decimal fields.
4738 2009-10-01 Dyalog incorrectly reports a LENGTH ERROR if you try to set the size of the 16th instance of an OCXControl.
4737 2009-10-27 Setting 2 event callbacks on Root to the expression '⍎func' results in a syserror.
4605 2009-04-03 Space-referenced primitive index and find functions generated a SYNTAX ERROR.
4561 2009-04-16 Statusfields do not accept ⎕ws 'Coord'
4504 2009-05-28 1 ⎕save causes syserror 4
4344 2010-04-16 A syserror occurred after a LIMIT ERROR while assigning large data to a variable displayed in an edit window.
4342 2009-02-06 Handling certain callbacks from an OCX control would generate a memory leak.
4332 2009-02-24 Setting the Items property of a ListView when it contains graphical children (with Coord = Pixel) could generate a syserror 4
4325 2009-02-24 []STATE can return wrong data
4310 2009-01-12 User can load but cannot then save a workspace which has ⎕OR forms of GUI objects and had been saved with 0 ⎕SAVE.
4282 2008-12-17 TCP connect to a non-existant address takes a long time to fail
4272 2009-10-27 Clicking on the + button in a treeview for the first time can cause the wrong item to expand.
4206 2008-12-24 The Grid CellFromPoint method should return negative numbers for coords that are in the column or row titles.
4201 2009-02-06 The drop down of a color button does not respect multiple monitors.
4156 2009-01-22 Clicks on an inactive tabbed subform currently at the top level trigger select event callbacks on another subform.
4140 2009-10-27 A grid with lots of Rect graphical objects redraws slowly when you scroll the grid.
4128 2008-12-05 Tracing a function in a broken namespace hierarchy could crash APL.
4124 2009-02-03 Dyalog disappears if you press the mouse button down on an editor window hold the mouse button down, and move the mouse quickly.
4118 2009-07-10 Creating an instance of an OCXClass could lead to a syserror if the OCXClass had been created many times and not deleted.
4116 2009-04-14 Trailing diamond segments in a tradfn were ignored if one of the segments was a multi-line dfn.
4115 2008-11-05 In a multi-threaded application, pressing enter in a trace window could execute a line of code in the wrong thread
4111 2009-07-15 Setting a trace dot on a line in a function which only has a comment leads to a syserror 999 when that function is run.
4102 2008-11-07 ⎕SAVE and ⎕SIZE generate NONCE ERRORs when there is an object which contains a prototype namespace (0⍴#).
4089 2008-10-23 Retained hash tables used by search functions can become corrupted by compaction if the data could be 8-bit integers.
4052 2008-11-06 Circle Objects are not precisely centred.
4048 2008-10-31 Getting or setting SelText in a RichEdit object gives inconsistent results at the beginning of lines.
4044 2008-10-01 Wrong line highlighted on cutback of traced inner dfn.
4035 2008-10-31 The Justify property on buttons does not affect how the button text is justified.
4033 2008-11-06 Assigning a callback from within a namespace to a .Net object even may generate a "Method not found" when the event is raised.
3984 2008-10-01 On Windows Vista restoring a minimized windows behaves oddly. The "Form" now has the style WS_OVERLAPPED instead of WS_POPUP.
3982 2008-11-06 If you clear the edit field of a Grid's Spinner input object whose ValidIfEmpty property is set to 1, Dyalog enters a state where keyboard input to GUI objects is ignored. This state survives a )clear.
3980 2008-11-06 Alt+Down Arrow in a Combo on a Grid should open the drop down list of the Combo.
3871 2008-11-24 Scrolling in a Grid with locked columns or rows can cause the column titles or row titles to get out of sync with the grid contents.
3762 2010-04-16 Using undo in the function editor while Dyalog is very low on workspace could lead to a syserror if a WSFULL error is generated.
3682 2008-11-20 In a Grid with Row titles and Column titles, CellFromPoint returns incorrect results for Cell coordinates.
3329 2009-10-27 The zero-each idiom {0}¨ failed to check conformability with its (ignored) left argument.
2990 2010-03-02 In the function editor, the undo history does not properly record selected text that is cleared by pressing the Enter key.
2936 2009-03-12 Using ⎕WS to set the Password property generates a NONCE ERROR.
2757 2007-08-22 The expression -1 | (-2)*31 generates a syserror.
2755 2010-04-15 The expression 1 ⎕SAVE 'foo' generates a syserror 4.
2743 2009-06-09 Taking log to base 0 produces infinity - displaying it causes syserror 36
2527 2008-05-15 ÷∘0⍣¯1+5 now correctly produces DOMAIN ERROR.
2510 2008-11-17 Local Dfn becomes global in the source of a class, when edited on the stack.
461 2009-10-27 Retying an open native file, using a 0 tie number, changed the tie number.
23 2009-06-09 2!4!11 can DOMAIN ERROR.