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Bug Fixes to 12.1

Bug No. Date Description of Bug
11447 2014-09-16 A short read of a damaged 32 bit workspace into a 64 bit version causes a syserror 196
11325 2014-09-08 Classic 12.1: decimal separators other than "." are incorrectly displayed in Grid cells
11323 2014-07-31 Enhancement: Windows: (2022⌶) forces the session Caption to be updated
11299 2014-07-31 Dyadic ⎕CY gives a RANK ERROR when immediately preceded by any primitive function that has a left argument of rank 3 or more
11298 2014-11-03 Under rare circumstances, exiting an APL thread that had called out to .NET could cause workspace corruption
11263 2014-07-22 A syserror 999 can occur if .NET threads get out-of-sync with APL threads.
10978 2014-05-07 Setting Grid.Index to scroll the Grid can leave the row and column titles out of sync with the actual cell data.
10911 2014-06-24 TTY version: <DK> (Delete block) in session does not always update the screen correctly
10814 2014-08-11 ⎕TRACE truncates output of lines that end with a branch statement including a line number of 2 or more digits
10778 2014-04-02 The incorrect value of any ⎕CYed system variable which has namespace scope may be returned in certain circumstances
10725 2014-03-26 Operators with syntax similar to {res}←{optional}(fn opr)(a1 a2) can be ⎕FX'd but not saved from editor
10589 2014-03-11 Dyalog Classic: APL Language bar loses many glyphs if you right click on it and insert spaces or delete items.
10422 2014-02-04 Classic Windows only: it is not possible to type Korean characters into an Edit field when using the Korean IME.
10420 2014-02-04 In some situations issuing a weak interrupt to a threaded APL application will cause APL to hang
10298 2014-01-22 Syserror upon ⎕EX of a namespace under certain circumstances
10284 2013-12-12 ⎕FX can create a bad function which will syserror if the name is mistakenly placed in the parenthesised list of right arguments
10283 2013-12-11 Syserror 640 while using APLMON after using ⎕NA and passing the name back via assignment.
10253 2013-12-09 32 bit APL: APL may terminate unexpectedly when ⎕FREADing a component containing the ⎕OR of a dfn written by a 64 bit APL
10244 2013-12-12 Non-classic mode tracer: the wrong lines may be highlighted when tracing through a function in a 0 ⎕FIXed object
10194 2013-12-12 Setting GetDayStates on many dates in a Calendar object can lead to a syserror with Native Look and Feel Enabled. Vista onwards
10071 2013-10-07 a←# ⋄ a,←# ⋄ a=0 generates syserror 999
10064 2013-10-07 Windows: ⎕NSIZE erroneously returns ¯1 instead of generating an error when the file size cannot be determined
10004 2013-09-19 ⎕WC gives a spurious domain error if you create a text object and give it 3 char matrices in the text property position.
9854 2013-08-28 In certain cases calling the .New method of a .Net object might result in a syserror 999
9810 2013-09-19 MouseUp callback happens in wrong object after dragging a Text object.
9772 2013-07-29 Dyalog could generate syserror 999 if a Timer object was located at the end of the in-memory workspace
9665 2013-07-18 Idiom recognition was incorrectly taking precedence over binding the right operand to a user-defined operator
9651 2013-06-24 12.1 Classic only: grid shows the negative sign of a negative floating point number as ¨.
9631 2013-06-28 Native Look&Feel: a Form created by a callback can appear behind another Form if the 1st Form has a ToolButton with TipText set
9616 2013-06-24 Specifying an array that was not a character scalar or vector in the right argument of ⎕WG could generate a syserror
9598 2013-06-24 Calling an unnamed dfn which calls ⎕SIGNAL, on the same line as the enclosing :endtrap will result in a syserror 999
9581 2013-06-11 Colours dialog box: background colour of the dfn guard doesn't change when you change Control Structure background colour.
9560 2013-06-11 Editor: Focusing on or typing into the search field can trigger a select event on the unrelated 312th GUI object in the WS.
9421 2013-06-11 Alt-key shortcuts associated with ToolControl ToolButtons stop working when focus is inside the ToolControl.
9418 2013-05-14 A ⎕SE with complex construction of refs could become corrupted across a )LOAD or ⎕LOAD
9405 2013-04-16 Syserror 999 occurs when you invoke a function saved in a workspace that used to be associated with a DLL via ⎕NA.
9400 2013-05-14 Under certain circumstances, creating a subform whilst also setting its TabObj property causes Dyalog to hang.
9374 2013-04-02 12.1 ONLY: AltGr+Space/Ctrl+Alt+Space incorrectly activates windows system menu on a GUI form and leaves the ctrl shift state on
9326 2013-04-10 Sometimes Excel gives a type mismatch if a Dyalog COM Server returns a rank 2 (or greater) nested array containing characters
9320 2013-04-02 Passing a scalar ref to a COM function generated a spurious DOMAIN ERROR
9303 2013-04-02 GetTextSize method returns wrong result if the text argument exceeds a certain length, which is dependent on the font selected
9278 2013-04-10 Dyalog Classic passes extra characters to a COM object on a Chinese Language Windows computer.
9263 2013-03-01 In the editor It is not possible to insert a new function into nested namespace
9168 2013-02-22 In rare circumstances the ,← and ⍪← idioms could result in arrays whose elements are truncated to a narrower data type
9103 2013-02-13 13.1 and earlier only: excessive file locking occurs when share tying component files
9087 2013-09-16 Tracer: double clicking on the name of the function being traced results in an editor window with all that line highlighted
9058 2013-01-11 Unicode only: deleting part of a line in the session results in garbage on that line
9046 2013-02-01 ⎕WS 'Coord' 'Pixel' before ⎕EX'.' can generate spurious DOMAIN ERRORs
9000 2013-04-10 TCP/IP code can generate an exception if the operating system rejects a request for 16 bytes of memory.
8966 2013-01-15 12.1 with DyalogHighAccessibility=1: Cursor can get stuck after pressing cursor keys on a form with a coolbar and an edit field
8957 2014-07-28 The ⎕NS of an OLEClient object now returns a namespace that can be used to manipulate that object
8904 2013-04-10 :Leave, :Continue or generating an error within a :Trap expression did not reset a surrounding :Trap or :With
8880 2013-01-15 Support for the Windows Narrator fails if you set the Rows property of a Combo object.
8861 2013-04-10 The changes for issue 8792 (Windows Narrator support) were incomplete for Label and Combo objects
8843 2013-02-13 4th element of '.' ⎕WG 'APLVersion' now says 'DLLRT' for a runtime exported application. Requires patch to interpreter RT DLL
8832 2013-08-02 Calling an AP function (such as hex from xutils.exe) on an empty array can cause a memory leak.
8805 2014-05-07 Linux: The error returned by ⎕NA for inability to load the shared library is inconsistent
8792 2013-04-10 Improved support for the Windows Narrator to improve support for partially sighted users.
8791 2013-04-10 Improved keyboard handling for items in a tool control.
8774 2013-04-10 The fix for issue 8667 did not take the correct font into account when drawing the border of a Group object
8750 2013-02-13 M∘{(↓⍺)⍳↓⍵} retains hash table, but M∘MatIota where MatIota←{(↓⍺)⍳↓⍵} doesn't
8723 2012-09-25 Calling a trad-fn while suspended in a traced dfn, caused the dfn to terminate immediately on resuming the trace.
8701 2013-02-13 If current currency symbol has more than 1 character , edit objects of fieldtype Currency do not show the right value.
8690 2013-02-13 Namespace structure corrupted by removing an inner namespace containing a reference to a function in an outer namespace.
8669 2013-02-13 Couldn't take the inverse of a namespace-qualified function.
8667 2013-04-10 With Desktop Composition disabled, dragging a window over the border of a Group can make a child text obj disappear
8653 2012-08-02 You can now set the Accelerator property on a TabButton.
8644 2013-03-20 .Net framework 4.5: APL callbacks are not connected to the event handler of an instance of a .Net class.
8636 2012-07-30 13.1: Rarely 0÷0 parallelised Division of non-integer arrays may cause errors in subsequent mathematical functions on the result
8624 2012-07-13 It is not possible to maximise the Event Viewer
8600 2014-02-28 ⍳20⍴1 should be LIMIT ERROR, not RANK ERROR
8593 2013-02-13 Returning a function as the result of a trad-fn can fail if there are pending destructors.
8581 2013-04-10 In certain instances an un-docked editor window's "Above Session" entry in the menu is not checked according to status
8580 2012-07-03 In certain instances the Maximise / Restore Down button on MDI_CLIENT windows does not work
8570 2012-06-18 Syserror 5 if you use monadic ⎕XT to query the filename of an external variable in Unicode Dyalog.
8554 2013-02-13 ⎕XML does not correctly honour xml:space="preserve" attribute with long character data
8550 2013-02-13 12.1 and 13.0 only: a few bytes are leaked each time ⎕AN is called, or a function is fixed
8548 2013-02-13 Cached entries for ⎕FTIEd files might unnecessarily be flushed to disk; in very rare cases this might result in a syserror 51
8547 2012-07-03 )HOLDS output is "garbled" in a UNICODE version
8539 2012-08-02 Setting SelItems on a ListView which has over 65535 items can go wrong.
8538 2012-10-25 Dyalog crashes if you set the session font to 'Gill Sans MT Ext Condensed Bold' 20 1 0 0 400.
8502 2013-02-22 Classic only: ⎕XML does not allow full set of valid XML NameChars (in tags, etc)
8495 2012-07-27 Modifying a dfn currently being traced by changing it into a one-line dfn resulted in a syserror.
8487 2013-02-01 Class Editor Tree View stops working once you have edited another class and exited that second (or subseqent) session
8481 2012-05-23 If multiple versions of an OCXClass are installed, ⎕WC 'OCXClass' 'name' can attach to an unpredictable version.
8471 2013-02-01 Grid is drawn incorrectly if you click on a cell which is not fully visible and press Page Down.
8446 2012-05-22 chksum in dfns generates a WSFULL if given an array containing ⎕NULL. New version available at
8444 2013-11-01 Ticking the Color Scheme box (for function Printing) results in Session log printouts with black text on a black background.
8438 2012-05-23 Threads tool has misspelt D function.
8384 2012-05-23 With the classic-style editor, editing a traced function and changing its name leaves the new name in the Caption afterwards.
8383 2012-05-23 In Del editor, clear all of current line, including [line number], then hit ER could cause APL to crash - more likely in 64 bit
8336 2012-05-22 Pressing a number on the numeric keypad in a spinner can spuriously trigger keyboard accelerators on nearby buttons.
8207 2012-06-13 In a runtime system, a ⎕ED window opened on a variable is too small.
8176 2012-05-22 It is not possible to use a Signature that contains an array of exported objects in a function exported to a .Net assembly.
8174 2012-05-22 When you try to rename a class with the WS Explorer, the message box saying you cannot do that has misspelt cannot.
8166 2012-05-24 If you ⎕EX a particular symbol which contains ⎕OR forms of GUI objs in a workspace of a certain layout, you can get a syserror.
8131 2012-05-22 The fix for 8026 prevents Dyalog APL from running on windows 2000.
8104 2013-04-10 Occasionally setting the RowTitleDepth or ColTitleDepth property of a Grid would incorrectly generate a DOMAIN ERROR.
8086 2012-05-25 ⎕FIX should not cause the status window to be updated (or appear if autostatus) if in :trap or ⎕trap
8061 2013-03-01 Hitting <ED> on creates a new foo in scripted object referenced by ref, rather than opening editor on existing foo
8052 2013-11-07 Non-classic editor mode: with a restored edit window in editor clicking on "Show Caption" results in a second coolbar appearing
8049 2014-05-07 Non-classic editor mode: Windows->Dockable setting is not saved in either registry or sesson file
8048 2013-11-07 Non-classic editor mode: Windows->Dockable always appears to be selected if docked window is undocked by dragging from session
8047 2012-07-03 W7: having snapped an edit window to max height, the number of items in the Windows menu may continually increase
8030 2012-05-22 Setting the RTFText property of a Clipboard object did not correctly check that the value was a vector of 8 bit characters
8026 2012-05-22 ENHANCEMENT: Improved diagnostic information when creating an aplcore file.
8013 2012-05-22 32-bit journaled/checksummed component file created incorrectly when APL_FCREATE_PROPS_* are set
7981 2012-05-22 Aftering )XLOADing particular workspace, ⎕LOAD'dfns' gives DOMAIN ERROR but second ⎕LOAD works
7926 2012-05-23 With Debug window visible, hovering over the suspended function's name in the session causes editor to be opened on the function
7911 2013-09-20 Dyalog 12.1 Classic GUI objects incorrectly require you to press the mode change keystrokes twice to change mode.
7872 2012-09-14 If you set the font property of an object to a reference to a non-font GUI object, Dyalog will generate a syserror 999.
7867 2012-05-25 With a Grid with a treeview, check box input children can be left on the screen after the row containing them has been collapsed
7846 2012-05-22 APL functions used as .Net delegates do not correctly return valuetypes.
7845 2012-05-22 UNIX: name field in status line is updated inconsistently when using editor and tracer
7733 2012-05-25 The use of some .Net delegate types could generate an ArgumentException (Duplicate dynamic module name within an assembly.)
7695 2012-05-22 Windows: Rapidly starting an AP multiple times results in 64-bit APLs hanging
7682 2012-05-22 UNIX: Timer events incorrectly fired after ⎕dl and )LOAD
7679 2012-05-25 UNIX: attempting to retrieve the Active property of a Timer causes a syserror 300
7668 2013-01-25 With scripted object, )ED obj.fnname no longer takes you to first line of fnname
7660 2012-05-22 UNIX: After using search, replace, next, repeat, undo in editor, subsequent )COPY causes syserror 86
7647 2012-05-22 The Find Object: tool cannot be resized on a multi-monitor system if the monitors have different origins.
7643 2012-05-22 A class's treeview is no longer updated when a dfn is defined in a class
7641 2012-05-22 When tracing a function, any updates to the stops made by the function calling ⎕STOP are not displayed, but are effective
7640 2012-05-22 Double clicking on a derived fn in Workspace Explorer can lead to a syserror 4.
7632 2012-05-22 Sometimes, focus passes to a random window after closing a ⎕ED window invoked by a GUI callback function.
7624 2012-05-22 If you open and close the editor quick search combo box, the search text field is emptied after you hit the find next button.
7622 2012-05-22 Quick search in the editor window adds an empty line to the combo box every time you search when the search text field is empty.
7614 2012-05-22 Windows: APL leaks handles when using APL threads
7611 2013-01-25 Edit a fn from tracer; then double clicking on fn in search tool results in a second edit window on the same fn
7593 2012-05-22 Hitting <HK> in a ⎕SR causes APL to syserror 300 if <HK> is not defined as one of the exit keys
7560 2012-05-22 Status window pops up with error AC0589 while entering :Field definition
7541 2014-05-13 Unexpected NONCE ERROR after indexed assignment to .Net or COM property
7495 2012-05-25 Holding down the right cursor key in the tracer stops one character before the end of line
7480 2012-05-22 +.× with a non-scalar singleton can give a spurious DOMAIN ERROR, a wrong answer or generate a syserror.
7464 2012-05-22 Selective assignment where the target is in parentheses generates a spurious syntax error.
7460 2012-01-12 Enhancement: it is no longer necessary to have a space between the classname and the ":" before the base class name
7455 2013-02-28 Hitting <ED> on the name of a class in the header while tracing an instance of the class causes a new fn to be created
7453 2013-01-25 In a traced class instance, editing an assigned local var results in a separate edit window, and a new fn with that var name
7450 2012-05-25 While tracing a class instance, the cursor cannot be moved beyond a certain point of the line - well before the EOL
7449 2012-05-25 When aborting the edit of a constructor which is being traced it initially appears that changes have actaully been saved
7445 2012-05-22 Running .Net functions in multiple APL threads could generate a memory leak.
7442 2013-01-25 Can't add a function to a class when tracing into an instance
7436 2013-01-25 Editing a traced function inside a class and changes the class script but not the instance or the class.
7417 2012-05-22 Dyalog silently exits if the registry key that sets MAXWS for the Dyalog DLL requests more workspace than can be allocated.
7412 2012-05-22 Exported In-process server did not look for Dyalog DLL in the same directory. New dllstub.dll from DSS pages required
7410 2012-05-22 ⎕DR narrowing of a unicode character type could give wrong result or lead to a crash
7408 2012-05-22 Change to the algorithm used to set MAXWS when default value is too large
7394 2012-05-22 In Unicode versions, the "Paste Object" button in the session toolbar does not correctly paste negative numbers.
7383 2011-07-07 Using a reference and dot syntax to edit a function inside an unnamed namespace script can lead to a syserror.
7380 2011-06-29 Using 64-bit Dyalog and Splitters, resizing a form causes the leftmost object managed by a Splitter to have zero width.
7351 2011-09-06 Enhancement: ⎕WN now also takes a reference as the right argument and in such cases returns a vector of references
7350 2011-07-04 Attempting to fix a scripted object which contains an unnamed class/namespace/interface results in syserror 999
7347 2012-05-22 ⎕FCHK erroneously left wasted space in files which contained two or more dropped but recoverable components.
7345 2013-07-30 If x is a reference to a scripted namespace which has a fn foo, shift-enter on starts a new duplicate fn in the script.
7342 2011-08-30 UNIX: Calls to 200⌶ cause APL to terminate immediately
7340 2011-07-22 Syserror involving .Net calls and )si.
7277 2012-05-25 A workspace compaction during the processing of ⎕FIX could generate a garbage message in the status window.
7274 2011-05-26 The :For keyword does not create a .Net enumerator on the correct thread. (Needs new .Net bridge)
7273 2011-05-26 The :Base keyword does not invoke the base constructor on the correct thread. (Needs new .Net bridge)
7211 2011-05-26 Setting LastError of an OLEServer does not appear to work.
7205 2011-07-22 Execution of * with integer right argument can give wrong results if performed in more than one thread.
7182 2011-04-20 An exception occurs with code that repeatedly starts APL threads that call a .Net method.
7179 2011-07-22 Unicode versions - incorrect characters displayed when writing to status window
7173 2012-05-25 It is not possible to call a "family" or "protected" base class constructor with :Base.
7172 2012-05-25 If you mistakenly specify that a GUI callback fn receives a left argument but event action is '⍎→Done', a syserror 4 results.
7157 2011-05-11 Docked debugger doesn't work in 13.0 64-bit Classic.
7142 2012-05-24 Installer does not install the sample websites on windows 7.
7127 2012-05-22 A compaction while descanning a character vector in the text of a function could result in a syserror - impacts ⎕NR etc
7072 2011-03-22 ⎕FIXing a namespace script with sub-namespaces and assignment to system variable causes syserr 999. Introduced 2011-01-29
7070 2012-05-25 A 32 bit in-process OLEServer created on a 64bit machine would not always function correctly.
7069 2011-03-17 If you use the keyboard to select all the cells in a grid, the border looks different to the one you get if you use a mouse.
7048 2011-04-11 Accessing the .Net framework from a thread who's parent thread has ended could occasionally crash the interpreter.
7033 2011-07-18 Exceptions occur when using two browsers to look at the same workspace-behind ASP.Net page.
7030 2011-03-17 Hitting delete after using Shift-Space or Ctrl-Space to select the last row in a read-only Grid results in a Syserror 999
7021 2012-05-22 A WSFULL occuring during a call on ⎕dm could corrupt the function referenced by ⎕dm
7008 2011-03-16 The interpreter would sometimes crash when running callbacks at 6 space prompt.
6987 2012-05-25 Conversion of Dfn defined in descalculator mode from 32 bit to64 bit can sometimes (rarely) fail
6963 2012-05-25 It is not possible to create assemblies with .Net v4
6962 2011-03-02 ENHANCEMENT: The interpreter now makes greater use of the cache of small integer scalar arrays.
6958 2011-03-01 The .Net interface does not pick the best overload for a vector of 2 character vectors.
6956 2011-08-30 Dyalog APL 12.1 generates "double" keystrokes with the new 13.0 IME beta.
6953 2012-05-22 Shortcut workspace needs to be modernized and does not work for 64-bit Dyalog.
6915 2012-05-25 Completed (but not deleted) threads may reference namespaces longer than necessary.
6913 2012-06-11 After a 0 ⎕SAVE of a workspace with visible GUI objects, interacting with the GUI objects can lead to a syserror 999.
6910 2012-05-25 Unexpected System.TypeInitializationException using an assembly exported from Dyalog.
6870 2012-05-22 A space-referenced indexed assignment ns.(v[]←0) displays its result in the session.
6864 2012-05-22 Power remembers its args/result and may use those to produce a new result. This can result in slightly inconsistent results.
6860 2012-05-22 ≡ with ⎕ct←0: in certain circumstances floating point numbers negative zero and positive zero are not considered to be the same
6856 2013-06-11 When restarting APL using a session file which was saved with the session maximised, the session is a few pixels too high
6832 2012-05-25 Screen updates while moving draggable objects is very slow under Windows 7
6813 2011-03-09 Dragged Texts appear as grey box, rather than the newly moved Text
6790 2012-05-25 Null reference exception using character vectors as indices to input data into a .Net table object.
6783 2012-05-22 A syserror can happen if you ⎕CY a workspace and the Dyalog process is running low on memory.
6778 2013-04-10 A fn expected to exist shows up in the workspace explorer but causes a value error when called
6750 2011-08-30 Help: <F1> on ⎕NLOCK does not bring up the help page - interpreter fix
6713 2011-01-25 Hitting <F1> on other than the current line in the session may not bring up the expected Help page
6698 2011-10-14 V12.1 has regressed with fix for aligning circles correctly
6689 2011-08-30 ⎕cmd causes syserror when called program generates vast amounts of output
6688 2012-05-25 Using the editor search tool on a large (>1000 lines) function in the 64 bit interpeter could crash the interpreter.
6679 2012-05-22 Using 0 ⎕SAVE to save a workspace that contains GUI could give a syserror 123,
6670 2011-01-25 TCPSocket communications fail when DQing a socket from within an instance of a .Net class.
6643 2012-05-25 0 []SAVE did not work on 64 bit interpreters.
6638 2012-05-25 Character arrays of type 320 cannot be used as the Filter of a FileBox object.
6637 2011-01-25 Text retrieved from .Net is not usable as the Filters property of a FileBox unless you display or take the ⎕DR of it.
6629 2012-02-08 Click on a category in the treeview; hide it. Next attempt to view the treeview will result in a syserror 999
6607 2012-05-22 Scripted objects: Colour of statements such as :class & :endclass are not updated when closing "}" of dfn is added to script
6605 2012-05-25 Enhancement: Autocomplete now works for ##.
6591 2010-12-08 Using the Find Objects tool to search a workspace with many thousands of namespaces can cause Dyalog to crash out.
6586 2011-08-26 In fn called by each, remove last line (with error) and Resume All Threads, syserror 999 occurs when editor used next
6572 2013-02-12 Spurious "DAMAGED COMPONENT" when share-tying a component file
6564 2011-10-14 In the unicode version drag dropping text from another application into the dyalog session or editor pastes bad text.
6563 2013-04-10 A Syserror 123 can happen upon loading a workspace which contains a saved GUI Coolbar that is a child of a Toolcontrol.
6559 2012-05-22 Syntax colouring background colours can be left behind when you drag an expression to another line in the editor.
6550 2012-05-22 F8 no longer works as a return type in ⎕NA calls.
6542 2011-08-26 Add .Net AP bridge files to .Net installation images
6539 2010-11-25 1 0/⍳1 generates a length error.
6538 2010-11-16 In Dyalog 64-bit, typing between 1024 and 2048 characters into edit objects with a FormatString property can lead to a syserror.
6509 2010-11-05 Type I8 (or U8) does not work as result of function in ⎕NA.
6501 2012-05-22 ⎕XML appears to make memory usage of Dyalog increase greatly if you call it many times.
6496 2010-11-09 The DyalogProvider class (for ASP.NET) incorrectly uses the word "virtual" instead of the keyword "overridable"
6489 2010-10-29 Searching a workspace that has classes could sometimes result in a syserror 999.
6488 2010-10-26 Tracer may not continue tracing on return to calling function.
6480 2010-11-03 Modifying a matrix that is being viewed with the editor can result in the matrix being shown incorrectly.
6479 2011-02-08 Unexpected VALUE ERROR calling function in a namespace which is :Include'd by a class.
6462 2010-10-18 Single line dfns that produce an error can cause a Syserror 999. This bug was introduced by the fix to bug 006374.
6461 2010-10-26 In Dyalog 12.1, reduction on boolean arrays of certain sizes can lead to a syserror 5.
6452 2010-11-09 The UNICODE interpreter does not convert .Net arrays of System.Char of rank >=2 correctly.
6451 2011-10-14 An additional fix for for 6419, which was reported as fixed in an earlier DSS update.
6449 2010-10-26 Performing a reformat in the editor expands all the closed sections.
6446 2010-11-09 Returning the incorrect type from a function exported in a .Net assembly could generate a System.ExecutionEngineException.
6436 2012-05-22 LOG_SIZE doesn't honour qualifiers
6425 2010-10-06 If you close an edit window in the workspace explorer, and then hit the enter key in the session the edit window reopens.
6424 2010-11-09 Odd results when looking at certain .Net string arrays.
6421 2010-10-06 The copyright information reported by the Dyalog binaries was incorrect and inconsistent.
6420 2012-05-25 The value passed to a property setter function had incorrect shape when called from .Net.. (Fix requires .Net bridge dlls)
6419 2010-10-06 It's now possible to cut the stack back when tracing a .Net callback or function called by .Net. (Fix requires .Net bridge dlls)
6412 2013-04-10 The grid SetColSize method does not work if AlignChar is set.
6404 2010-10-06 When exporting a workspace as an out-of-process OLEServer the LocalServer32 key does not include the full path to the workspace
6403 2010-10-06 Workspace explorer right hand side pane contains no information and looks jarring when there is no content for the selected item
6399 2011-05-26 A negative residual of a GNU .Net BigInt object results in a Syserror 999
6398 2011-10-14 Popup menus would appear on the wrong monitor in a multi-monitor setup with the primary display on the right.
6397 2010-10-06 It was not possible to trace into an APL function that was called by an APL function exported as a .Net assembly.
6390 2012-05-22 With Dyalog for AIX or Linux, error output could damage component files if file descriptors 0, 1, and 2 were closed.
6387 2013-04-10 Windows: with Confirm on Deletion from Session Log disabled, cannot delete current line if you have moved left or right
6377 2010-10-05 bridge121_unicode.dll refers to Classic in the Version tab of its Properties dialog.
6376 2010-10-26 Workspace explorer can no longer browse System.DateTime class as described in the Dyalog .Net Interface Guide.
6374 2010-09-21 An error in an unnamed D-fn inside a named D-fn inside a trad fn with more than 255 symbols could lead to a syserror 999.
6369 2010-12-20 The fix for 006248 removed the formatting of a grid cell even if you just wanted to move around the grid.
6365 2010-09-07 Enhancement: ⎕NA has been extended to add support UTF-8 and UTF-16 characters in Unicode editions only
6358 2013-04-10 Bound executables do not return an error code to the operating system if they cannot load the dyalog runtime dll.
6355 2010-09-06 If a Grid is in InputMode InCell, clicking or selecting text within the current input cell changed the InputMode to Scroll.
6350 2011-08-24 Syserror 999 typing into the edit field of a ComboEx object with style simple.
6348 2012-05-25 []SIGNAL incorrectly cuts the stack back beyond incoming .Net calls.
6345 2012-05-22 A dyadic tail-recursive call to a dfn, which had assigned ⍺←{⍵}, resulted in a syntax error.
6336 2012-05-22 Find (⍷) failed to find a boolean vector within a floating vector.
6335 2010-09-06 After )save, .Net expressions do not work until you reset ⎕USING.
6333 2012-05-25 When an untrapped APL error is reported to a .Net client the Message field of the Exception is not set correctly.
6332 2011-10-14 The red box used to indicate the current line when tracing is too thick and can hide the underscore character.
6327 2010-09-27 After dragging the thumb of a trackbar, a syserror 999 could be generated if a workspace compaction occurred.
6325 2012-08-01 Using a Colour scheme to print classes with syntax colours does not work.
6319 2010-08-31 In Dyalog 12.1, the Alt-Space key combination does not drop the system menu of a Form.
6318 2010-10-15 Problem tracing a function called from an unnamed dfn, called directly from the session.
6310 2010-09-01 Focus rectangles did not show when you used the keyboard to navigate between controls.
6288 2010-11-22 UNIX: ⎕NS '' displays #.[]; it should be #.[Namespace]
6248 2010-09-06 In the Grid, deletion can erase the wrong character if the edit input field has a FormatString with a C qualifier.
6245 2011-07-27 Attempting to fix scripted object which includes an unnamed :class/:interface/:namespace statement generates a syserror 999
6242 2011-01-14 Status Window context menu: restore/max/min, show caption do not work
6220 2011-01-25 Crash with threads, .Net and marshalling.
6218 2011-07-27 A MULTIUSE OleServer may incorrectly delete nested server while they are still in use.
6215 2012-05-22 Tracer does not trace into function executed within a one-line dfn.
6205 2010-07-19 64-bit Windows Dyalog APL: increased the C stack size to 4 Mb to prevent stack overflow in external DLLs called via ⎕NA.
6204 2013-04-10 Not all callbacks are traced if you trace into a call to []DQ.
6203 2013-04-10 Unexpected Focus event when returning from a different application to a Dyalog Form
6201 2010-07-14 Pasting into numeric edit fields with the insert position at the leftmost end of the text can cause Dyalog to disappear.
6200 2012-05-25 )SI of a .Net threaded application displays an odd character at the end of some lines.
6199 2013-06-28 An ambiguous match occurs while performing ⍒ or ⍋ on an array of GNU MP BigInts.
6193 2013-04-10 Residue with a .Net object runs with the arguments the wrong way round.
6192 2012-05-25 Dyalog may call to the ToString method of a .Net object on the wrong thread leading to APL hanging or crashing
6161 2010-07-05 In the Create bound file dialog, a copy to clipboard when editing Version information will lead to a syserror 4.
6156 2013-04-10 )loading a workspace which contains a .Net object on which events have been set might crash the interpreter.
6151 2012-05-25 Some .Net Collections do not work correctly with :With or Squad-Indexing
6150 2012-06-08 In Classic Dyalog, docking of form objects does not work if their names are lowercase.
6148 2012-05-25 An AccessViolationException exception is thrown by CallBacks in bridge121-64_unicode.dll on 64bit installation.
6124 2010-07-19 The empty partitioned enclose (0⊂⍵) of a nested array is too deep.
6115 2010-10-26 Editor: Function line numbers are wrong in certain circumstances for tradfns in namespaces which have single-lined dfns defined
6114 2010-06-17 An unhandled .Net exception raised when Dyalog was at the Windows message queue gave a syserror 999. It now raises EXCEPTION
6113 2010-06-30 UCS-4/UTF-32 characters are truncated when being passed across the .Net interface
6106 2012-02-07 Enhancement: you can now <EP> to cut back the stack across APL functions that were called as a .Net callback
6096 2012-05-22 Toggling line numbers in the function editor causes Dyalog to think that the function has changed.
6089 2013-04-10 When assigning callbacks to Events in NetControl objects, you must refer to the callback by its absolute name
6088 2010-06-17 It is not possible to re-assign an event on a .Net object , or on a NetControl
6074 2010-07-06 Trapping past an outward operator call from within a dfn could generate a syserror 999.
6073 2010-06-14 In Dyalog 12.1, ⍪0⍴⊂,0 generates a syserror 999.
6069 2012-05-22 In certain extremely rare circumstances writing a component file can cause a crash
6060 2010-06-17 Under some circumstances the Workspace search tool would become inactive after invoking the editor.
6057 2012-05-22 #.var∘← should not generate a SYNTAX ERROR
6032 2012-05-22 Pasting into a dialog can result in a syserror
6028 2010-06-10 After executing a one-line dfn which contains an idiom, editing it lead to a syserror 999.
6027 2012-05-22 A NONCE ERROR is generated taking the depth of an empty vector of namespace references (made using drop).
6016 2012-05-22 In the function editor, erasing all the lines in a function and fixing or fixing and exiting generates a syserror 4.
6011 2013-04-10 GridSelect event is sometimes not generated if you select from the same cell again.
6006 2010-05-28 Pocket Dyalog TCPSockets did not work.
5979 2010-05-24 Pressing Shift-F10 on a form with a menu causes APL to behave as if F10 on its own was pressed.
5974 2013-04-10 If a destructor is executed during a function assignment the class of the assigned name may be incorrect.
5961 2012-08-09 When printing a selection from an object, the whole object is printed if the selection begins and ends on the same column.
5959 2010-04-21 )clear after suspension in function which attempts to use OLEClient to Workbooks.Open a non-existant file causes syserror 999
5953 2012-05-22 With multiple forms, a Pocket APL program could pause until you interacted with the Start menu or the input panel.
5945 2010-04-21 Classic version: when APLK is undefined, enqueuing keypress events may fail with KEY CODE UNRECOGNISED
5942 2010-04-20 'E15.3' ⎕fmt ,0 returns incorrect result
5935 2010-04-21 ⍋1⍴¯1+2*31 crashed with a syserror 999
5932 2010-04-15 Incorrect characters appear on callbacks to ⎕se.Editor
5928 2010-04-21 2-Dimensional Indexing of Default Keyed Properties Fails
5919 2010-04-15 Using Ctrl- or Shift-Ins to copy or paste into Edit fields causes APL to toggle Insert/Replace modes
5918 2010-04-21 Editor: attempting to delete empty last line in editor can result in syserror
5900 2010-04-15 Classic mode Editor: With edit window open on fn in scripted namespace, clicking on fn name in session leads to syserror 999
5888 2010-04-15 Fix for 005885 causes accelerator keys to fail in submenus
5871 2010-06-17 Sort direction indicator for ColSorted method does not appear if TitleWidth not explicitly set to 0
5865 2012-05-24 Pocket Dyalog 11.0 fails to create a bound executable.
5861 2011-10-14 Clicking on "next" on Calendar object can result in the next month being shown .. and then the next and the next ..
5855 2010-04-15 Wrong Input Code of KeyPress event message for Alt+key sequence
5849 2010-04-15 Scrolling does not work when using certain smooth-wheeled mice (?)
5846 2010-04-15 Closing the Dyalog session when the workspace contains instances of classes with destructors could fail or generate a syserror.
5839 2010-04-15 Menubars are not always repainted correctly when their visibility is changed
5838 2010-04-15 APL enters an infinite DOMAIN ERROR loop when setting GridInput to a DateTimePicker, with invalid date time data in Values.
5837 2010-04-15 Setting Values in Grid with Input of DateTimePicker for the second time results in a date appearing in odd location
5836 2010-04-15 In grid edit fields that do not fit entirely within the grid, and with CellChange events, alternate keystrokes can be lost
5833 2010-04-15 Editor: display of line in dfn is incorrect if a line is split immediately before ":" of error guard
5832 2012-05-22 Indexed assignment with no argument causes the interpreter to generate a syserror
5831 2010-04-15 Classic: WSExplorer: cannot drag and drop even simple objects from one namespace to another
5830 2010-04-15 Classic: Namespace created from within workspace explorer is incorrect created as Ø.ns
5826 2010-04-15 Some primitive operators could not take refs as arguments.
5825 2010-04-15 Unexpected DOMAIN ERROR when altering width of .Net GUI object
5822 2010-04-15 WS Explorer navigation pane: Closes when tracing, expanded entries cannot be closed or opened
5820 2010-04-15 Workspace Explorer navigation pane: Cannot expand treeview entries by just clicking on "+" if their depth is >1
5818 2013-07-30 In traced script, changing function from traditional to dfn causes function line numbers to disappear on fix
5814 2012-05-22 On 64bit, giving ⎕SM a scrollable field at the top left corner and setting its home elements to 1 2 causes APL to terminate.
5809 2010-04-15 APL enters infinite DOMAIN ERROR loop
5805 2010-04-15 :Signature has been extended to allow arguments by reference, eg Object& and Object[]&
5777 2010-04-15 Certain characters could not be typed into a Classic interpreter with a Russian keyboard.
5762 2010-03-02 TTY version: copying tagged lines from an edit window into the session window caused workspace corruption
5758 2012-05-22 ⎕xml fails to detect that outermost tag is not level 0 when preceded by markup at level 0
5754 2010-04-15 Unicode versions: name ⎕cy ws fails silently for certain values of name
5752 2010-04-15 Debugger: Hovering over an empty array of refs causes NONCE ERROR when next executing an empty line
5751 2011-08-08 In Dyalog 12.1, ⎕FX of the ⎕OR of a derived function generates a syserror 999.
5743 2010-04-26 Running a 32 bit dyalog dll on a 64 bit machine with more that 4Gb of memory could crash on startup.
5742 2010-04-21 Dfns that define idioms are not correctly syntax coloured.
5734 2012-05-22 ⎕cy error within complete diamondised :trap statement all on one line caused syserror 999
5712 2010-04-15 An assignment inside a Dfn is non-local if it is followed by a namespace reference: {(var←⍵).⎕io}#
5704 2012-05-22 Domain error with the idiom expression ⊃⌽nm where nm is a namespace.
5702 2010-04-15 WIndows: ⎕dl needs two Strong Interrupts to cause interrupt
5693 2010-02-15 Unix Classic: ⍷ (⎕av[⎕io+241]) is missing from aplkeys/xterm and apltrans/xterm
5686 2010-03-04 Opening the editor on a field in an instance of an OO class can generate a syserror.
5676 2010-03-04 Under certain circumstances involving self-referencing objects, using Search box causes APL to hang
5674 2010-03-02 Edit/trace: except when docked contents not correctly redrawn when using mouse wheel to scroll up when no scrollbar present
5673 2010-02-19 Creating a form on an existing namespace that contains a reference to itself causes APL to hang.
5664 2011-09-19 Autocomplete in dfns: after a ":" control structures should not be shown
5660 2011-05-31 Drag and Drop functionality in a WPF .Net class did not function if the class was []USED from Dyalog.
5657 2012-05-22 TTY version: EPing from editor opened on char matrix with 0 rows results in char matrix with shape 1 0
5651 2010-04-21 Icon set in SysTrayItem does not appear in system tray
5648 2010-02-01 Rowtitles in Grids have a dead-spot in which mouse-clicks are ignored.
5634 2010-04-26 Unable to reference objects in class from within APL when running as DLL, although can access from C#
5625 2011-02-01 With a GUI whose name is localized, 0 ⎕SAVE can generate a syserror 999.
5622 2010-02-22 Keystrokes set in Registry: KeyboardShortcuts\keys\chars are not honoured by find/replace boxes etc
5610 2012-05-22 Deleting an object using Workspace Explorer generates syserror (introduced 2010-01-05)
5608 2012-05-22 Cannot edit dfn name if in class and reached via dfns list in treeview
5607 2010-04-26 Attempting to initiate a trace of a function in a class which is already being edited from the session results in a syserror
5606 2012-05-22 ⎕sm does not honour triple separators when type 6/6x, 8/8x selected in column 6
5605 2010-07-27 Select contents of function editor reached via ws explorer, Edit->Copy and subsequent )CLEAR results in syserror 91
5595 2010-02-25 V12.0: when ⎕wc a ⎕or of a Form, with Menubar, the y Posn appears to be altered by height of Menubar
5593 2012-05-22 Depressing and holding down any key when entering values into grid can result in APL terminating
5590 2010-06-17 When expanding or collapsing a TreeView in a Grid the "+" and "-" symbols are apt to disappear never to return
5585 2010-02-22 Unicode: with default windows keyboard, keypress event not raised for ctrl-I and shift-ctrl-I & following keypress mis-reported
5583 2012-05-22 12.1: Windows 64 bit APLs: apld.lib asserts when trying to run recompiled APs
5579 2010-03-02 Clicking on Splitter object results in Splitter moving up one pixel each time
5578 2010-03-02 Creating Statusbar after Splitter object results in Splitter moving when picked up and immediately released again
5577 2010-04-26 Changes to dfns in classes not reflected without refixing whole class
5569 2010-01-05 With 12.1 Classic, a syserror is generated if you tick the Exported check box of the COM Properties tab of an OleServer method.
5539 2010-02-15 TabBar is not updating its TabObj property to reflect the currently selected TabBtn.
5518 2012-05-22 Unicode versions did not ignore trailing blanks in native file names.
5516 2010-03-24 If you use an undocked Editor, double-cllicking on a name in the session while a Value Tip is up can result in a syserror.
5505 2010-04-21 Unicode: Shift-tab is not mapped onto <BT>
5497 2011-08-10 Setting FontObj when creating MenuItem results in that and all subsequent MenuItems to be blank
5496 2009-12-18 Copying a namespace with an external reference to # leads to a syserror.
5480 2010-02-22 Dead keys do not work after double press on the standard keyboard layout
5479 2010-04-21 With the Dyalog IME on the numeric keypad, Insert and Del keys do not put the correct values in key press event message.
5457 2012-05-22 The new ⍪← idiom can give a spurious syntax error.
5443 2010-01-20 Problems calling PowerPoint via OLECLIENT: ⎕wc does not return a result
5440 2012-05-22 Execute of sink idiom (a←⍎'+{}0') handled incorrectly.
5427 2012-05-22 Grid comments show an empty square with no text if you specify RTF text in Dyalog Unicode.
5423 2012-05-22 The error message for a )clear which fails when # is referenced by the session namespace is not displayed correctly
5415 2012-05-22 ⎕VR and ⎕CR can sometimes return garbage when workspace compactions occur.
5414 2012-05-22 Unique is slow on double arrays which contain integer numbers when ⎕CT is set.
5412 2012-05-22 In Unicode interpeters the "Parameters" column of the Event Viewer does not display correctly
5407 2012-05-22 If you have COM objects, viewing all events in the Event viewer can cause a syserror.
5401 2012-05-22 Changing the syntax color scheme does not correctly affect the session
5399 2012-05-22 Using the down cursor key on a closed outline that ends on the last line of a function could cause the interpreter to crash.
5391 2012-05-22 Creating a Dfn in an :Include'd namespace can lead to a later value error upon calling that Dfn.
5390 2012-05-22 Bitmaps saved in ⎕ORs are not displayed after workspace containing ⎕OR is )LOADed
5388 2012-05-22 64BIT only, Callbacks would sometimes not use names for the event parameter.
5387 2012-05-22 64BIT only, The patch workspace will not correctly patch a file if the target file already exists.
5385 2009-11-25 Typing goes wrong in an edit field after typing Ctrl+Backspace.
5383 2012-05-22 The colours of the editor window are wrong when editing Character Vectors or Matrices.
5371 2012-05-22 Syntax colouring of functions with very long lines can leave black squares dotted over the editor window.
5367 2012-05-22 Spurious NONCE ERROR when you ⎕WC the ⎕OR of a bitmap twice with the same name as left argument..
5349 2009-11-11 A matrix iota idiom bound to a left argument with jot would not save and reuse a hash table, but rebuild it every time.
5340 2012-05-22 Selection of lines in instance of function in trace stack are replicated in other instances of that fn further up the stack
5325 2010-04-26 Using the IME, typing into edit fields goes wrong after tabbing between edit fields or using the numeric keypad.
5315 2010-04-21 ⎕EX within a ⎕TRAP expression could lead to a crash.
5304 2011-02-24 A FileBoxOK callback function receives an odd concatenation of the selected folder and the StartIn value as the 3rd argument.
5300 2012-05-22 While editing a Dfn, if you type a comment outside the Dfn and Reformat, the comment disappears. If you now undo, Dyalog crashes
5292 2009-11-11 A Dfn applied under each could occasionally generate SYNTAX ERROR in a multi-threaded environment.
5290 2010-03-02 Debugger window Caption displays wrong name when tracing into functions in classes
5284 2011-03-30 When editing, Shift+Enter on an :Include'd name or a base class name incorrectly inserts a function with the same name.
5280 2012-05-22 If a Grid contains an Image object which doesn't have its Size property specified, Dyalog will syserror 999.
5276 2012-05-22 ENHANCEMENT: New idioms ⍪/ and ⍪← (recognition requires refix of functions). ,/ idiom speeded up significantly.
5274 2011-08-25 200 ⌶ on a nested scalar generates a syserror 999
5251 2010-02-11 ⎕WG 'Text' is much slower in 12 Unicode for Edit fields with large amounts of text.
5249 2010-11-24 Power (⍺*⍵) underflow can corrupt subsequent results.
5247 2010-03-04 You can get a syserror if Windows has not completely installed a new font that you are trying to use.
5235 2012-05-22 Unix: it is possible to strong interrupt a ⎕fappend or ⎕freplace leaving it incomplete
5184 2012-05-22 ENHANCEMENT: Gradeup/down composed with vector or 1-row double-byte sort alphabet has been speeded up significantly
5124 2014-11-14 Attempting to use an instance method as a callback will generate a NONCE ERROR
5112 2010-02-26 BuildID in Help-About suppresses leading 0s
5104 2010-04-21 Querying PrintList as Administrator on a Windows Server which has many users with printers can cause Dyalog to disappear.
5092 2009-12-16 Help -> Power Operator typo: should read "applies the inverse of the operand function f, (|g) times, not |c
5076 2009-12-16 "Idiom" should appear in the Help index
5065 2011-08-24 Syntax colouring can go wrong if your line is longer than the session window width and you move right along the line.
5040 2012-05-22 Unix: Attempting to ⎕ftie or ⎕fchk a directory generate an inaccurate status window message.
5039 2011-06-29 Unix: Attempting to ⎕ftie or ⎕fchk a directory generate a FILE ACCESS ERROR. A more appropriate error should be issued.
5034 2012-05-22 Interop: Attempt to ⎕fstie a file in 12.1 created in 12.0 with journalling enabled generates FILE ACCESS ERROR
5027 2010-04-16 A process may hang on exit if it uses a dyalog*.dll which has created a number of APL threads
5023 2010-04-26 Error reading .Net character vector into APL
5009 2011-09-23 Tracer: underscores are hidden by current line outline with certain session fontsizes (eg 15)
4996 2013-06-11 Editor treeview: Empty node lists no longer shown, "+" and "-" twisties for non-empty node list now work correctly
4980 2010-04-26 If one of two Dyalog processes on Citrix or a remote desktop is closed, the clipboard can stop working.
4956 2009-11-30 Spelling mistake in "A fatal error has occured. Dyalog APL cannot continue."
4955 2010-04-16 Classes fixed which contain unterminated :if statements will generate syserror 999 when accessed
4939 2010-04-16 After resizing the ⎕sm window to a very large size, recreating it could lead to a syserror 98.
4934 2010-04-16 ⎕sm input is (incorrectly) altered when leaving field. This bug was introduced by the fix for bug 4788.
4929 2010-04-26 Monadic ⎕MAP of a ∆MPUT array failed on a big-endian Unicode version of Dyalog.
4928 2010-06-15 Windows only: very infrequently the communications between APL and an AP will fail, resulting in APL hanging
4833 2010-04-16 Cannot use ⎕pfkey with Alt-Gr+FnKey in unicode versions
4805 2010-04-16 Speed up Monadic Format-Each on simple numeric vector by a factor of 2-3
4795 2013-02-13 Tracer display incorrect after editing traced dfn when current line is itself the end of a dfn
4786 2012-05-22 Allow user to select whether file associations should be updated when installing APL
4763 2010-04-16 Should not be allowed to drag and drop Editor window into Debugger window - strangenesses will follow
4702 2010-04-26 IME silently fails if there are errors in .din file.
4680 2010-04-16 Syserror 45 when )saving workspace with DropDown event suspended
4620 2010-08-11 Grid Edit Input fields can only contain the first 2047 chars.
4608 2011-08-11 Loading MetaData from dll in Explorer causes syserror 999 in Classic edition
4595 2010-03-25 Quitting function editor causes syserror 999 with dflags 161 set
4592 2010-04-16 User defined keyboard mappings should override the CUA mappings
4585 2010-04-16 Timer Object Timer events not shown in Event Viewer
4514 2010-04-16 Input property of Grid allows matrix value, but syserrors. Should generate RANK ERROR
4511 2010-04-16 Moving focus from altered Label in TreeView causes syserror 999
4477 2010-01-07 Help Gui and Object Ref: ColTitle3D claims to apply to Grid
4431 2012-05-22 Assigning invalid FormatString such as 'KG' to Grid objects causes a syserror 999 - bug in underlying ⎕FMT code
4387 2013-02-01 Tools such as the WS Explorer and Event Viewer should ensure their window will be visible when first activated.
4366 2012-05-25 Editor: Attempting to fix a function which only has an ill-defined header line, and has a stop bit on the header causes syserr
4344 2010-04-16 A syserror occurred after a LIMIT ERROR while assigning large data to a variable displayed in an edit window.
4330 2012-02-02 UNIX: it is now possible to '⎕se'⎕wg'Log' in tty versions, in line with the Windows versions
4257 2010-04-15 Trying to display a reference to a namespace generates a syserror.
4228 2010-04-15 Cannot type Ctrl+HIJM into edit field using the non-unicode keyboard.
4153 2010-10-26 Altering dfn in suspended class instance appears not to alter underlying code, although source of class and instance is correct
4082 2012-05-22 The Clipboard object's MetafileObj property gives incorrect values for text saved on the clipboard in Windows Metafile format.
3917 2010-03-02 Using modified assignment to append two empty strings to a nested vector empties the editor window AND the vector
3906 2011-07-15 Indexed assignment in a "temporary" namespace can crash dyalog
3762 2010-04-16 Using undo in the function editor while Dyalog is very low on workspace could lead to a syserror if a WSFULL error is generated.
3680 2010-04-20 There is a problem with Dyalog version 11.0 and 12.0 Auxiliary Processor support which could lead to an exception.
3597 2010-04-15 A syserror 4 can be generated when loading workspaces that contain saved Icon objects and were saved with ⎕SAVE.
3591 2010-02-25 In the Options->Configure->Session property page, the session file edit field is cleared if you click browse and then cancel the browse operation.
3562 2012-06-21 If you use the Workspace Explorer to rename a namespace script, the script is lost and the object becomes an ordinary namespace.
3561 2010-07-30 Pocket Dyalog APL generates a syserror 990 if you type GetCommandLineArgs.
3438 2012-05-22 Windows only: problems ensue when trying to open more than 256 files of any sort
3075 2012-05-22 Dotted, indexed assignment of a system variable does not honour the dots
3059 2014-07-02 Executing the expression ¯1⊤¯2*31 causes a syserror 999
3036 2012-05-22 2 ⎕at of a 1-row matrix returns a vector (it should return a 1-row matrix).
3022 2012-08-02 A mnemonic keyboard shortcut placed in the caption of a TabButton does not work.
3005 2011-07-14 Dyalog generates a syserror 4 if you refix a class after modifying a recently added dynamic function while a function of that class is suspended in the tracer.
2990 2010-03-02 In the function editor, the undo history does not properly record selected text that is cleared by pressing the Enter key.
2989 2011-07-13 Under certain circumstances involving errors, a workspace can be saved with corrupt ⎕NA information if it is saved after expunging namespaces and classes which contain symbols associated with DLL functions via ⎕NA.
2915 2012-05-18 While editing a function, autocomplete after a name-class 9 object shows all the control words and function declaration words that begin with ':'.
2893 2013-02-01 The Workspace explorer does not distinguish between classes and namespaces when sorting by type.
2879 2009-11-11 F1 hotkey for online help fails with some keywords
2811 2010-02-26 comments disappear after :EndClass, :EndNamespace, :EndInterface
2760 2011-07-12 The shift state remains locked if you type Shift-F10 on a GUI object (such as a ListView or Edit object) with a KeyPress callback defined. Also, the parent form's system menu receives the focus.
2755 2010-04-15 The expression 1 ⎕SAVE 'foo' generates a syserror 4.
2741 2009-11-30 It is not possible to use references to unnamed objects in the TabObj property.
2695 2011-07-12 Cannot create a Namespace which contains a Class of the same name 2 levels down
2514 2010-10-05 The tracer would sometimes fail to stop when tracing into inner D-fns.
2422 2012-05-22 64 bit qfsck doesn't work for external variables
613 2013-02-13 Attempting to print a session log with a very long line can result in syserror 999.
590 2012-05-22 A space-referenced non-result-returning niladic function does not terminate its containing D-fn.
178 2012-07-30 Configure box: there is now a minimum value for Configure->Windows->Edit Width as 15 or less has no effect.
51 2012-05-22 On startup, Dyalog turns on the Single Trace Window option (even if you have turned it off) if you have a docked Debugger in your session file.