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Technical help and advice

DSS members may obtain technical advice and assistance on all aspects of Dyalog APL usage (including run-time systems) by telephone and/or email. This service includes help with coding and design problems, but is not intended to replace the use of the printed and on-line documentation. All questions and requests for advice will be answered as soon as possible.

Much of the information and most of the downloads on the DSS pages are specifically for Windows versions of Dyalog APL. However, from V12.1 onwards Unix versions of Dyalog APL are built on a nightly basis, so if you need a version with a fix that is detailed in the DSS emails, please contact Dyalog so that a new installation image can be made available. Dyalog intends to enhance the patch mechanism to cater for all files for all releases of Dyalog APL on all platforms in due course.

In order to improve response time, it is very helpful to include details of the operating system that APL is running in, and most importantly the BuildID of the interpreter in question. This can be found by either looking in the About box, or by running the commmand

       +2 ⎕nq '.'  'GetBuildID'

Please email queries to:

To contact Dyalog Limited by telephone, call + 44 (0) 1256 830 030 or fax to + 44 (0) 1256 830 031


DSS members will have access to a steady stream of enhancements to Dyalog APL as they are developed and implemented. Such enhancements will typically be extensions and improvements to existing facilities and improvements in performance and usability. Note that major new versions are not included with standard DSS but will be offered as optional chargeable upgrades. The provision of major new versions is however included with DSS+.

Bug Reporting and Correction Service

If a DSS member reports a bug, the bug will be recorded in the Bug System and allocated a Bug Reference Number. A bug will only be recorded if Dyalog is able to reproduce the fault and it is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to provide the information necessary to do so.

Once a bug is logged, Dyalog will use its best efforts to correct the fault within 30 working days. You will receive email notification when the bug has been corrected and a fix is available via the Patch System.

Information Service

The list of current outstanding bugs and fixes for each of the currently supported versions of Dyalog APL is updated daily and is available exclusively to DSS members from the Members section of the Dyalog web site or using the Patch System.

In addition, DSS members may choose to receive daily notification by email of newly reported bugs and/or fixes.

Versions Covered

DSS is intended for customers running the currently supported versions of Dyalog APL; that is, the current version and the two preceding versions.

Members section at

The members section at is administered solely for DSS members. Access to these pages requires your DSS user id and password. The members section not only provides access to patches and bug lists, but is also intended as a source of inside information of interest to Dyalog APL users.

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