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Bug Fixes to 14.0

Bug No. Date Description of Bug
14902 2017-08-16 Dyalog should generate trappable errors when attempting to bring in datatypes that only exist in later versions
14380 2017-05-12 Allow ⎕NULLs and compressed components from 16.0 to be brought into 14.0, 14.1 and 15.0
13915 2016-11-09 The syntax "x ns.{foo←...} y" could sometimes cause syserrors
13741 2016-09-28 Windows 10: Dyalog gives focus to another application instead of the session window
13738 2016-08-19 Chart wizard is not drawn properly in revision 27942 onwards due to fix for "redraw on invisible object makes it visible"
13606 2016-08-16 Setting Redraw to 1 causes an invisible GUI object to become visible
13541 2016-06-07 Spurious SYNTAX ERROR in cat reduction idiom with axis
13540 2016-06-07 Spurious SYNTAX ERROR in tradfn when loading 64-bit ws into 32-bit interpreter
13423 2016-04-29 The result of attempting to use 400⌶ to compile operators is always (,2 0 0 '')
13372 2016-05-06 In multi-threaded code it is possible that in compiled functions the values assigned to localised system variables may leak out
13283 2016-04-14 A WS FULL during a ⎕TPUT results in a syserror 999
13247 2016-03-31 ∨.< can crash if the right argument is near the end of the allocated workspace
13197 2016-03-31 0-wise Reduce applied to arrays containing namespace references will result in syserror or wrong result
13189 2016-03-03 With ⎕FR=1287, an erroneous result may be generated when selecting both Boolean and DECF columns from a nested matrix
13171 2016-03-03 Expressions of the form ;EXPR] where EXPR is a function or operator may lead to a syserror 4. For example: ;⍨]
13136 2016-02-24 Dyalog crashes if you search using an invalid and unbalanced regular expression such as ([^>
13069 2017-03-31 A DOMAIN ERROR is generated setting TreeView Index to greater than 32767
13025 2016-01-19 A syserror 96 may occur when loading a workspace with an SI stack with functions under # and ⎕se which reference each other
12998 2016-02-08 A Grid TreeView row can only expand and retract once under certain circumstances
12993 2016-02-08 Sometimes get a slightly odd error message in the Status Window if you incorrectly set event callback to be ⊂''
12975 2015-12-18 Dyalog 13.2 onwards generates a syserror when ⎕FREADing a component containing a ⎕OR generated in 12.1
12891 2015-11-13 Sometimes, exporting an in-process OLE server would crash the interpreter
12890 2015-12-08 Enhancement: 2022⌶ will now cause the the status fields as well as the session caption to be updated
12884 2015-11-16 1∨[1].=[1]1 can generate a syserror 999 rather than a SYNTAX ERROR
12867 2015-11-13 If ⎕CT is set to 0, (4,1.1)∩4 can generate an incorrect answer and lead to a syserror
12858 2015-11-09 64-bit: stretching a ⎕SM window across 2 screens can lead to a syserror
12853 2015-12-08 Dyalog OleServer session does not honour "Show trace stack on error"
12849 2015-12-08 ButtonEdit objects do not generate GotFocus events if you click on them
12770 2015-10-27 Windows: Attempting to )save a 3GB or greater workspace generates the error "Can't save -- write failed (disk full?)"
12761 2015-10-15 Windows: hitting F1 on :Field, :Property and :EndProperty does not bring up a valid help page
12759 2016-01-19 Exiting a thread created with syntax similar to (such as DRC.check&2) may lead to a syserror 4
12741 2015-10-15 Matrix ⍳ with large floating point matrices takes a very long time in 14.0
12671 2015-10-15 With a ComboEx object in ⎕SE, Dyalog can generate a syserror 123 if focus is in the ComboEx and you click on the Close button
12603 2015-12-22 Depth returns incorrect result for arrays of non-uniform depth if the same nested subarray is referenced from different depths
12597 2015-10-15 RConnect: LocateRSCPROXY function fails if rscproxy exists in more than one location
12584 2015-09-03 Syserror 63 generated when attempting to assign ∇ within a dfn within a scripted object
12567 2015-09-03 Default exit code for APL initialization failure is 0 when it should be 1
12551 2015-08-19 Dyalog 14.x translates ⎕ucs 130 to 159 differently when passed to and from a .NET method
12476 2015-09-03 219⌶ was erroneously rejecting compression level 0 when the zlib and gzip compression libraries were selected
12448 2015-07-14 ⎕EN and ⊃⎕DM return incorrect values when the workspace is )loaded in a different width and byte-ordered interpreter
12447 2015-07-24 Grid cursor has some flickering when moving over the grid.
12440 2015-07-15 Every 20 to 30 or so times it may take 2 or 3 seconds to terminate a .NET Thread
12420 2015-07-24 A stray ¨ in axis specification ⊂[¨1]1 leads to a syserror
12419 2017-05-12 Allow ⎕NULLs and compressed components from 15.0 to be brought into earlier versions
12411 2015-06-30 Version 14.0 incorrectly issues a DOMAIN ERROR when attempting to read a compressed component written by version 14.1
12408 2015-07-24 In certain circumstances, terminating a .NET thread started by APL might lead to APL generating a syserror
12405 2015-10-15 Add DyalogBinDirectory to web.config to specify build-time and runtime location of Dyalog .NET interface and Dyalog engine dlls
12392 2015-06-30 The :Implements Constructor statement could cause a small memory leak if a thread switch occurred.
12390 2015-07-24 APL may generate a syserror when calling AddCol from a Grid Object if the colours specified are numeric
12368 2015-06-30 Classic Interpreter: Uni to Apl session statusfield mode toggle does not work
12364 2015-06-30 Taking a :trap in a suspended function where the error is caused by a callback can syserror 999
12340 2015-06-30 Passing a scalar character left argument to ⎕SIGNAL results in random text in ⎕DM
12290 2015-06-30 In dfns of the form {a[n].b←⍵}0, where a, b and n are global to the dfn, n is (incorrectly) localised
12273 2015-06-12 Calling a scalar dyadic primitive function with axis that generates a prototypical item could syserror
12258 2015-05-21 The 64 bit interpreter would not cleanly terminate a host .NET process on )OFF
12256 2016-03-14 ⎕EXCEPTION would become unusable after loading a 32 bit workspace into a 64 bit interpreter or vice versa.
12247 2015-05-26 A multiline dfn within a class script becomes readonly if you trace into a method calling it and edit the method to add a line
12244 2015-05-26 The Scrollbar in a Grid is not always present when VScroll or HScroll is set to ¯3
12226 2015-05-21 A syserror is generated if you edit a traced function, localize ⎕trap and then call a function which sets ⎕trap
12196 2015-05-19 Dyalog 14.0: ⎕PROFILE 'start' 'none' generates a DOMAIN ERROR
12120 2015-11-13 Enhancement: the limit imposed on the depth of a trace stack that can be shown in "Single trace window" mode has been removed
12114 2015-05-21 Use of Workspace Explorer on Isolates quickly hangs APL
12112 2015-09-29 In a dfn containing an error guard, ⎕DMX.DM would be incorrectly reported
12109 2015-05-19 ]boxing -trains=tree generates a value error. This example is given in the Programmer's Guide.
12100 2015-04-13 Sometimes, FileBox object does not have the standard places bar and Explorer-style treeview on the left
12094 2015-04-13 The maximum number of all open files increased to 512. This includes both native files and component files
12089 2015-05-21 On Windows 8.x, closing a classic-mode trace window which is open on a .NET event callback function can cause Dyalog to crash
12080 2015-03-27 Passing a type 82 character array from a DLL to a Unicode interpreter may generate a syserror
12048 2015-03-27 Expand/retract TreeView ItemDown event reports wrong information if the form is not big enough to contain the node's sub-items.
12030 2015-03-27 On a menu, a vertical separator is shown horizontally and is sometimes shown both vertically and horizontally.
12012 2015-03-25 Calling .Net code an APL thread could generate a small memory leak. The O/S would leak "Event" handles
12003 2015-03-20 In some cases, if a compaction occurs during .NET data binding, the interpreter will terminate with a syserror 4
11994 2015-05-22 Inside an instance method of a class, names from a ⎕cy'd workspace give value errors.
11986 2015-03-20 Dyalog 14.0 can crash loading a 13.2 workspace with a saved SI Stack.
11969 2015-03-27 Instead of exiting, Dyalog hangs in GetMessage after generating a syserror
11954 2015-03-03 ⎕S and ⎕R hang if the transformation pattern attempts to fold the case of characters greater than ⎕UCS 66599
11948 2015-02-24 If a compaction occurs during ⎕nc of a nested right argument containing OO-related names, the wrong result might be returned
11943 2015-03-03 ReportImageIndex fails to extend its matrix arguments if not given enough columns
11939 2015-02-24 Calls from APL to datasources defined in APL would fail for "value type" data.
11938 2015-02-24 The .NET Bridge would generate and then trap exceptions when querying the CodeBase of the Dyalog dynamic assemblies
11924 2015-03-03 A workspace compaction during the creation of a GUI object could, very rarely, result in workspace corruption.
11904 2015-03-20 Dyalog 14.0: Exporting a workspace as an assembly does not generate any information in the status window if the export fails.
11899 2015-02-23 Spurious DOMAIN ERROR in an error guard expression which includes Multiply
11885 2015-02-23 Syserror using overtake in selective assignment combined with ⍨
11874 2015-03-03 When there is a rapid succession of .NET events, calling an AP from within a .NET event callback function can lead to a hang.
11864 2015-03-03 A monadic operator defined in a namespace is not treated as a first class object
11840 2015-02-10 Passing a character array to Matrix Invert generates a syserror 199
11833 2015-01-27 Dyalog crashes if you press the "Continue Trace" button of the tracer.
11828 2015-02-10 The text in the search tools is set to empty if it was selected from the drop-down combo box, and searched for multiple times
11811 2015-01-21 The status window message that says the bridge DLL is of a lower version than required gets the current bridge version wrong.
11807 2015-01-21 UNIX Unicode: file_siso input translate table incorrectly defines ER to be character 13 rather than 10
11805 2015-01-21 Under some circumstances in a multi-threaded application, calls to a .NET object could be made on the wrong thread.
11800 2015-01-21 If a COM object expects a VT_VARIANT and the interpreter passes a DECF, the object gets an integer value.
11791 2015-01-21 Dyalog .NET interface data binding updates wrong element when used with the Syncfusion Grid control.
11771 2015-01-21 Opening an edit window on a fn from the tracer and then calling )ed or ⎕ed with a list of names can result in two edit windows
11770 2015-01-21 Dyalog for Raspberry Pi generates a syserror 999 using an external function whose ⎕NA spec has pointer to floats.
11766 2015-01-21 Running multiple threads where one calls ⎕DQ and another calls .Wait could result in a syserror 999.
11765 2015-01-21 An error generated in a :With statement is not correctly reported by ⎕DMX outside that :With statement
11745 2014-12-19 14.0 fails to choose the correct overloaded .NET method for empty character vectors.
11738 2014-12-19 Dyalog 14.0: Problem resuming execution with "skip blank lines while tracing" after commenting out a line with an error.
11697 2014-12-19 Grid is slow to select all cells if has more than 230,000 cells and sometimes only selects row and column headers
11696 2014-12-19 ARRAYToObject does not deserialize char value to System.Char as 13.2 does but rather returns System.String
11687 2014-12-17 ⎕SHADOW localisation of a variable breaks in a program with APL threads and :trap statements
11672 2014-12-03 Raspberry Pi: it was not possible to pass floating point arguments to ⎕NA
11666 2014-12-19 ⊢∘⍴⌸⍨'mississippi' will return an incorrect result if a compaction occurs during execution of this expression
11653 2014-11-27 Altering the argument of a GridPaste callback and enqueuing the new message may generate a syserror 999
11640 2014-12-19 Editor: attempting to change a suspended tradfn in a scripted object into a dfn causes a syserror 999
11599 2015-02-23 When developing a threaded application, )RESET after creating a Conga server unexpectedly changes ⎕IO in namespaces
11586 2014-10-30 If some Grid cells are CellSet 0, double clicking to automatically set the column's width gets it wrong. Introduced 2014-10-22
11581 2014-11-03 In certain circumstances 219⌶ can result in a syserror
11576 2014-10-30 A sequence of functions comprising an idiom followed by an Afg fork, is parsed incorrectly
11574 2014-10-30 ⎕USING is not correctly set in a .NET object created in an instance of a class
11566 2014-10-23 Dyalog threads associated with .NET assembly methods go away immediately after being used and Dyalog can hang
11565 2014-10-23 Displaying complex numbers in Numeric input fields and Grids behaves inconsistently, and/or may crash the interpreter
11564 2014-10-23 Attempting to set the Items of a Spinner to an invalid array generates a random ⎕DMX message
11546 2014-10-23 Using SetMethodInfo on an OLE object in a Unicode interpreter may generate a syserror 999
11545 2014-10-23 Grid objects do not correctly display a set of small double values under certain circumstances
11544 2014-11-03 The function train (⍳∘1 ⍷) generates a spurious LENGTH ERROR
11539 2014-10-21 Setting PageWidth on a RichEdit has slowed down between 13.0 and 13.1.
11533 2014-10-23 APL As A Service incorrectly sets the Interactive Service flag
11530 2014-10-23 In some cases the editor may initially only show only one method of a scripted object
11523 2014-10-13 Applications that embed Dyalog 14.0 DLLs were not honouring the embedded MAXWS registry value.
11507 2014-10-23 Repeatedly copying an array containing a decimal floating point number to the clipboard can lead to a crash
11506 2014-10-21 Syntax coloring in the session is wrong after permanently deleting some text.
11500 2014-10-21 Editor "Select All" does not select all text if cursor is currently on a short line.
11451 2014-10-30 Dyalog .NET interface memory leak
11447 2014-09-16 A short read of a damaged 32 bit workspace into a 64 bit version causes a syserror 196
11443 2014-09-16 ⎕PROFILE 'Start' can lead to a crash if the application already has ⎕NA calls in other threads
11441 2014-09-16 Incorrect results may be returned from a function train (e/ f g h) where e is one of (+∨∧)
11429 2014-09-03 Under some circumstances Dyalog would crash referencing a .NET object as it went out of scope
11428 2014-09-03 Enhancement to databinding of namespaces: the interpreter now exports a .NET Type with defined properties
11405 2014-10-21 ⎕WN generates a VALUE ERROR when referring to a namespace by reference, but works if referring by name
11402 2014-09-03 With no ClassicModeSavePosition registry string, the Configure Checkbox appears selected but window positions are not remembered
11400 2014-09-03 ⎕PROFILE wrongly attributed large amounts of elapsed time to lines which spawned new threads
11395 2014-08-27 Tracer: multiple lines will appear highlighted after hitting BK when there are collapsed sections before the current line
11392 2014-09-03 A :Leave or :Continue in the presence of multiple threads could un-shadow local names.
11360 2014-08-27 Odd effects including wrong title cell colours when using ColTitleBCol ¯16 with Native Look and Feel enabled
11326 2014-08-11 ⎕FMT 'O' format ignores ⎕FR when selecting ⎕CT or ⎕DCT for comparison tolerance
11323 2014-07-31 Enhancement: Windows: (2022⌶) forces the session Caption to be updated
11318 2014-07-31 Enhancement: (2023⌶) mimics the Close all Windows functionality under program control and under UNIX
11314 2014-07-31 Attempting to ⎕FREAD a compressed component that contains ⍬ will generate a DOMAIN ERROR
11299 2014-07-31 Dyadic ⎕CY gives a RANK ERROR when immediately preceded by any primitive function that has a left argument of rank 3 or more
11298 2014-11-03 Under rare circumstances, exiting an APL thread that had called out to .NET could cause workspace corruption
11291 2014-09-03 2015⌶ (data binding) is extended to support a left argument of bind types when the right argument is a vector of namespaces
11268 2014-07-22 During Quote-Quad input the caret was lost if you changed focus to another application and then back to APL
11264 2014-07-22 Returning an OLEServer from a function called via the OLE interface might change the parent of its namespace
11262 2014-08-11 Calls to ⎕NA with multiple type "Z" arrays only freed the memory associated with the first "Z" array. Seen in Conga: DRC.Wait
11243 2014-07-22 IME: Error MsgBox displays error correctly, but the contents of the line in error were garbled
11232 2014-07-09 Windows Classic: hitting Help (F1) on ⎕U2360 (substitution string for ⌹), ⎕U2338 (⌸) or ⎕U2364 (⍤) does not open the help file
11231 2014-07-22 With a Keyed Property, higher order index assignment can result in a syserror 999
11228 2014-07-09 Windows Unicode: hitting Help (F1) on Key (⌸) or Rank (⍤) does not does not open the help file
11225 2014-07-22 Certain rare search patterns can cause ⎕R and ⎕S to issue a syserror 999 if used more than once
11217 2014-07-07 ⎕R and ⎕S could generate a syserror 999 when low on memory; now a DOMAIN ERROR is issued instead
11213 2014-07-22 Dragging any entry on the language bar away and then back to its original location will cause the entry to be deleted
11190 2014-07-07 Expressions similar to a[]←¨0 generate syserror 999
11164 2014-07-02 Classic only: attempting to create an Icon using the File property could incorrectly generate a DOMAIN ERROR
11149 2015-11-24 A syserror 999 is generated when using ⎕STACK within a dfn in an isolate
11007 2014-08-11 Under certain circumstances a Grid object was not correctly substituting "O" FormatString text for a number
10814 2015-01-05 ⎕TRACE truncates output of lines that end with a branch statement including a line number of 2 or more digits
10694 2016-04-06 Minimum reduction on a 0-length dimension of an array of rank greater than 1 gives incorrect result when ⎕FR=1287
10531 2014-09-16 Attempting to trace a destructor in an object deleted by a cutback ⎕TRAP will cause a syserror 999
10517 2014-07-28 Clicking on a Grid Cell that contains an extremely long vector will generate a syserror
10181 2015-05-21 The contents of the display pane are not updated when selecting different objects in the treeview pane
9399 2016-08-02 .NET Variant: an ill-formed .NET variant statement may lead to a syserror 999
9179 2015-05-19 Dyalog 13.2: ⎕OFF while Conga thread is working leads to a syserror 999.
9000 2016-03-14 TCP/IP code can generate an exception if the operating system rejects a request for 16 bytes of memory.
8957 2014-07-28 The ⎕NS of an OLEClient object now returns a namespace that can be used to manipulate that object
8711 2014-11-18 Namespace structure corrupted by erasing a local class instance
8397 2016-12-19 After using SetColSize on a Grid with a very wide cell, CellWidths can generate a domain error.
8172 2014-11-18 Namespace structure corrupted when exiting a function which has a localized name which refers to a GUI object
8064 2015-09-23 64 bit only: ⎕WG generates syserror 999 if it is passed a heterogeneous array with first element a valid property name
7639 2015-11-13 Session language bar is too big when you restart Dyalog after setting "Hide Caption" on it and saving the session file
6533 2014-12-03 Syserrors occur after executing the Close method on a the parent of a localised GUI object
5819 2014-11-26 Changing traced fn in class from trad fn to dfn and then tracing out of fn results in parent class becoming ineditable
5725 2014-11-18 When attempting to edit a shadowed name from within tracer, no indication of why that action has failed is shown
5124 2014-11-18 Attempting to use an instance method as a callback will generate a NONCE ERROR
5114 2015-05-22 Following an INPUT LIMIT when attempting to delete a large amount of the session log no further input is possible.
3427 2015-11-09 Naming of remote D-operator (eg: op←⎕se.op) fails.
3171 2014-11-20 APL characters are not copied from edit fields in the Find Objects dialog box if the "Paste text as Unicode" setting is in effect.
3059 2014-07-02 Executing the expression ¯1⊤¯2*31 causes a syserror 999
2692 2014-07-28 'clear ws' message does not appear when )CLEAR is issued and a destructor is called